Table Decoration

Which Table Decoration Item Will Enhance Your Party Theme?

Table Decoration

Wondering which types of table decoration will be good for your party theme to enhance its value and ambience? Then one of the common decorative items for tables. Whether you are hosting a birthday party celebration, a wedding reception, or a casual family gathering, the right table skirts or decor can make your event memorable and visually appealing.

Here are some table decoration items that can be used to elevate your party theme.

Table Centrepieces

Floral Arrangements: You can decorate your tables with floral centrepieces. They are timeless and versatile. You can choose flowers that match your party’s theme and colour or opt for seasonal blooms. Use vases of varying heights and add some greenery to add an elegant touch to your tables.

Candles and Lanterns: Candles and lanterns can be a great choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. To create a romantic setting, use scented candles or tea lights in glass holders. Lanterns can be used for outdoor events or rustic-themed parties.

Themed Centrepieces: If you have any specific theme, such as a beach party or a vintage tea party, choose centrepieces that reflect it.

Table Runners and Cloths

Colour-Coordinate Tablecloths: Choose tablecloths that match your party’s colour scheme. If you are hosting a wedding, then wedding tablecloths will be a great option to enhance the ambience of your wedding. For formal events, opt for Elegant Event Essentials fabrics like velvet and more.

Table Runners: A table runner adds a layer of sophistication. They can be used over plain tablecloths to introduce a contrasting colour or texture. For your rustic theme, burlap runners are a great choice, while sequined runners add sparkle to glamorous parties.

Place Settings

Themed Napkin Rings: Napkin rings can be both functional and decorative. For example, you can use it as starfish napkin rings for a beach theme or metallic rings for a modern chic look.

Unique Plates & Glassware: Using themed or unique patterned plates and glassware for your party can enhance the overall look of your table. For a boho-chic party, colourful and mismatched plates add charm, while sleek unicolour dinnerware suits a theme.

Additional Decoration

Tabletop Trees and Sculptures: Some little trees or sculptures can serve as conversation starters. For holiday parties, small Christmas tree symbols can be appropriate, while modern art pieces might suit a contemporary theme.

Fairy Lights: It is an exceptional option to use fairy lights to add a magical glow to your tables. They can be woven around the centrepiece or draped along the table’s edge.


Opting for the right table decoration items is essential for elevating your party theme. Consider Elegant Event Essentials for every type of event and theme, You can select centrepieces, linens, place settings, and additional decorations that will enhance the theme, impress the guests, and make your party memorable.

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