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Beige Table Protector

£4.19£153.60 Inc. VAT

Black Table Protector

£4.19£153.60 Inc. VAT

Brown Table Protector

£4.19£153.60 Inc. VAT

Clear PVC Table Protector 0.15mm

£1.50£60.00 Inc. VAT

Clear PVC Table Protector 0.5mm

£3.00£153.60 Inc. VAT

White Table Protector

£4.19£153.60 Inc. VAT

A Guardian For Your Table To Protect And Preserve Table

A shield of defence for your elegant tables, and table protectors, in the world of stains, spills and scratches, to keep your table protected from them we introduce you to our table protector, they are stylish and versatile accessories designed to safeguard your tables and surfaces to preserve their beauty for years to come. From dining to desk tables, these protectors offer a barrier against everyday tears and damage. If you wondering where to buy table protector online in UK, you should visit our website Elegant Event Essentials for your table protector.

Versatility And Elegance Of Our Table Protectors

Our table protector are versatile and durable accessories designed to protect your table and surfaces from any scratches, heat damage, and potential hazards. They are made of PVC and many other materials offering different levels of protection and in many colours such as grey, black and others.

Here are some advantages of our table protectors:

  • Protection: Our table protectors work as a guardians to your tables to prevent them from any scratches, stains, and damage to your table’s surface, prolonging its lifespan.
  • Versatile: You can use this table protector on different types of tables such as work desks, coffee tables and many others.
  • Easy Maintenance: It doesn’t require any special cleaning, you can just easily wipe it down with a damp cloth to clean it.
  • Heat Resistance: It provides a heat-resistant barrier between the table and the servings, allowing you to place the hot dishes, pots and pans on the table easily without worrying about heat damage.
  • Outdoor Dining: It is a good choice for outdoor dining or outdoor events, and can be used outdoors to protect the table from weather elements such as rain, sunlight exposure and more.
  • Colours: They are available in many different colours such as grey, black, white and many others, to suit your event and home themes.

To buy table protector online in UK. Visit our website Elegant Event Essentials and get a table guardian for your table at affordable prices.

Common Questions about Table Protector

What materials are table protectors made of?
A table protect is generally made of materials such as PVC, felt, silicone or polyester, each offers you different types of protection and durability.
Will a table protector affect the appearance of my table?

No, the table protector is designed to be transparent and discreet. So that they don’t alter your table appearance.

Can table protectors be trimmed to fit a custom table shape?
Yes, many table protectors can be easily trimmed with scissors or other tools to fit the custom table shape and size.
How do I clean and maintain a table protector?
Our table protectors can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent, don’t use any chemicals cause they may damage the protector.
Can table protector be used outdoors?
Our table protectors are suitable for outdoor dining, it protects your table from weather elements like rain, sun exposure and others.