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  • Aisle Runner 100ft

    Aisle Runner 100ft

  • Backdrop Drapes

    Backdrop Drapes

  • Detachable Swag

    Detachable Swag

  • Flower Decor

    Flower Decor

  • LED lights

    LED lights

  • Pipe and Drape System

    Pipe and Drape System

  • Roman Pillars

    Roman Pillars

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10FT X 10FT (3M X 3M) Ivory Rosette Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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10FT X 10FT (3M X 3M) Purple Rosette Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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10FT X 10FT (3M X 3M) Red Rosette Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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10FT X 10FT (3M X 3M) Silver Rosette Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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10FT X 10FT (3M X 3M) Turquoise Rosette Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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10FT x 10FT Black Sequin Backdrop

£51.84 - £57.60 Inc. VAT
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10FT x 10FT Gold Sequin Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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10FT x 10FT Navy Blue Sequin Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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10FT x 10FT Pink Sequin Backdrop

£48.60 - £54.00 Inc. VAT
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A beautiful and carefully decorated stage can become an excellent way to convey the message and display the performance. Which not only makes the event more memorable but also brings joy to the audience. Here are the importance of stage decoration in your wedding, party, or any other events:

  • It is used to convey messages or display the performances according to the theme of the event.
  • Make occasions like weddings look more beautiful and unforgettable.
  • As the primary part of the event stage decoration brings together many essential things such as lighting, visuals, sound, etc, to make an impactful influence on audiences.
  • A carefully designed/decorated stage could be a great medium of joy, and make the event memorable.

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