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  • 4FT x 2FT Fitted Tablecloth

    4FT x 2FT Fitted Tablecloth

  • 6FT x 2.5FT Fitted Tablecloth

    6FT x 2.5FT Fitted Tablecloth

  • 8FT x 2.5FT Fitted Tablecloth

    8FT x 2.5FT Fitted Tablecloth

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Buy Luminous Fitted Polyester Tablecloth Wholesale In UK

Want to make your dining arrangements look amazing? Spruce it up with our beautiful fitted polyester tablecloth, it gives your table a perfect look for your event plus protects it from scratches and stains. Its wrinkle-resistant ability makes it perfect for formal gatherings so you don’t have to iron it every time you use it. You can buy fitted polyester tablecloth online in UK, from our website Elegant Event Essentials.

Elevate Your Event With Our Premium Fitted Polyester Tablecloth

For an ideal fit for your table at events and special occasions. Here the Elegant Event Essentials come, our class-quality products will make your event unforgettable for your guests. We have premium quality fitted polyester tablecloth which will make your dining arrangements look more amazing, and formal and will create a wow effect in the atmosphere for your guests. Here are the following reasons to choose us for your event shipping:

  • No Over Prices: Our products are tagged with the best and most affordable prices. So you don’t need to worry about your budget. No hidden charges are charged.
  • Quality Products: We only sell top-quality products, our products are made under the supervision of our professionals so that quality doesn’t go fifty-fifty.
  • Different Colours & Sizes: We have fitted polyester tablecloth in different colours and sizes. In colours, we have Forest green, Burgundy, Navi Blue, and many others, and the sizes are from 4 x 2 Ft to 8 x 2.5 Ft. Visit our website and find your best fit.
  • Graphics: On special request, we also make a graphical print on the fitted polyester tablecloth of the customers' brands, we may charge an extra for graphical prints on the fitted polyester tablecloth, for more information visit our website Elegant Event Essentials.
  • Return Policy: If by any means our customers are unhappy with the products they have purchased from us. We request you to cancel/replace the order with the right ones.
  • Delivery: We offer many different types of delivery services nationwide, such as standard, express, and more. We try to dispatch your order on the same day of shipping and deliver it to you within the next working days. To learn more about our delivery services check our website.

If you are satisfied with the reasons and want to buy fitted polyester tablecloth online in UK, you can purchase the tablecloth from our website Elegant Event Essentials.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does the fitted polyester tablecloth work?
Fitted polyester tablecloth are all in one, you don’t need anything to tie it to your table just throw it to the table and done, the top and sides of your tables are covered with one piece of fabric.
Can you wash the fitted polyester tablecloth?
Yes, you can wash it with cold water, this is made with synthetic fibre which requires a gently washable cycle.
Where can we store fitted polyester tablecloths?
You can store it at cool and dry places, don’t hang it under the direct sunlight that may weaken the fabric and cause colour fade.
Do polyester tablecloths shrink?
Yes, High temperatures can affect the synthetic fibre of the polyester and may cause the tablecloth to shrink down.