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What Fabric Is Best for Table Runners?

Table Runners

Looking for a stylish way to decorate your table, Table runners would be a great choice for you! Table runners are versatile and fashionable and add to any dining setting, adding a touch of elegance and personality to your table. Opting for the right fabric for a table runner is important, as it influences not only aesthetics but also the durability and ease of maintenance.

Some of the Best Fabrics to Consider for a Table Runner

1.Cotton: Cotton table runners are perfect for daily use, casual gatherings, and outdoor settings. They can be dressed up with additional table decor for a more formal look.


  • Cotton is highly versatile and it can be woven into various textures, patterns, and colours and works well for formal and informal gatherings.
  • Cotton table runners are easy to clean and maintain and can usually be machine-washed.
  • It is a breathable fabric that allows air to circulate, preventing moisture buildup and ensuring the table runner remains fresh.

2. Linen: Linen table runners are commonly useful for weddings, holiday dinners, and upscale events. They offer a timeless appeal that complements both modern and traditional table settings.


  • Linen exudes a natural elegance and sophistication, making it a popular choice for normal occasions and special events.
  • Linen is a strong fabric that becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash, making sure it is of long-lasting quality.
  • The natural texture of linen adds a touch of elegance and rustic charm and can enhance the overall look of your tables.

3. Polyester: These polyester table runners are suitable for everyday use, parties, and events where durability is more important and ease of maintenance is a priority.


  • Polyester fabric is naturally resistant to stains and spills, making it an excellent choice for busy households and events where spills are likely.
  • It is durable because it is made of synthetic fabric known for its strength and resistance to wrinkling, shrinking, and fading.
  • A polyester table runner is more affordable than those made from natural fibres, providing a budget-friendly option without compromising their quality.

4. Silk: These table runners are best reserved for special occasions like anniversaries, intimate dinners, and formal events. They should be handled with care and maintain their delicate beauty.


  • Silk table runners give a luxurious look to your table settings, with their smooth texture and subtle sheen creating a sophisticated ambience.
  • Silk can be dyed in vibrant colours and intricate patterns, providing a wide range of design options.

5. Burlap: This table runner is great for outdoor events, casual gatherings, and rustic-themed events. They are commonly popular for autumn and country-style settings.


  • Burlap fabric offers a rustic, earthy look that is perfect for farmhouse-style or outdoor-themed events.
  • Burlap’s coarse texture adds unique elements to your table decor, offering a striking contrast to a smooth surface.


Opting for the right fabric for your table runner depends on the occasion, your personal style choice, and the level of maintenance. While hessian lends a rustic beauty and charm to events, linen and silk offer elegance to formal gatherings, and cotton and polyester are sensible options for daily use. You can easily improve the attractiveness and usefulness of your table setting by selecting the appropriate one for your occasion. If you are looking to buy these table runners, consider visiting the Elegant Event Essentials website.

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