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List of Trending Table Decor Items for the Wedding Reception

Trending Table Decor Items for the Wedding Reception

Give your wedding reception an air of new sophistication, with the latest table decor items. Here comes Elegant Event Essentials, our exquisite table runners have been carefully chosen. Provide your venue an air of luxury–buy table runner online and create a simple, classic atmosphere for this special day.

Things That Makes Your Table Magnificent

Excite yourself to add a touch of glitter on your wedding reception with the brand-new table décor items which will make it look like what you have experienced in Pinterest! Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary with these four friendly and fabulous additions:

  • Decorative Napkins: Colorful and charming napkins add a touch of personality to your table settings. Whether chic prints or vibrant hues–these little details will imprint themselves on your guests.
  • Sequin Tablecloth: Bring on the glamor! Dazzle and glimmer with sequin table cloth which catches the light so easily, casting a magical spell. Just the right touch of elegance and a bit of fun.
  • Ribbons: Tie the knot, literally! Add a touch of playfulness and whimsy to your tables by incorporating different-colored ribbons. From chair bows to table accents, these ribbons will run a thread of gaiety through your reception.
  • Flowers: The beauty of nature never goes out. From strong blooms to delicate petals, flowers never fail as part of a table setting. Combine colors and varieties for a dazzling show. You can buy wedding flower items online from our website to get the best deal.

With these charming table decoration items, your wedding reception will leave everyone speechless. To a celebration as special and unique as your love story, cheers!

Ideas for Affordable Table Decoration

When it comes to table décor, you don’t have to break the bank in order to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here are four cost-effective strategies to elevate your table setting without emptying your wallet:

  • DIY Centerpieces: Put your creative side to work by making your own centerpieces. Collect low-cost materials such as mason jars, candles and flowers from local markets. Serve them artistically, and you’ll personalize your table. This saves money and also allows you to express your own style.
  • Mix and Match Tableware: No more matching set of dishes. Combine various patterns and colors for an eclectic, quaint effect. Scour thrift stores or discount retailers for cheap ones, finding personality without spending a pretty penny on an entire set.
  • Nature-inspired Decor: Place natural elements in your table decoration to bring the outdoors indoors. Use fallen leaves, pinecones or seashells as simple yet elegant accents. This not only adds a natural touch, but it also cuts down on expensive decoration.
  • Repurpose Everyday Items: See if you have anything around the house that can be used to decorate your tabletop. Empty jars make excellent holders for tapers, old books can serve as riser trays to prevent spills on furniture and cloth napkins become nice placemats. Thinking creatively and recycling what you already have, ordinary items can be turned into pretty table accents.

Design Your Dining With Us

A fine table decoration is a good thing to grab the attention of the people. You can decorate it with the above following things or add any other items yourself. Add a fancy ribbon or buy table runner online from Elegant Event Essentials to make your table more decorative and beautiful.

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