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0 to 9 Light Up Numbers

£1,500.00£3,300.00 Inc. VAT

Light Up Letters and Numbers

£210.00£390.00 Inc. VAT

LOVE Light Up Letters and Numbers

£600.00£1,320.00 Inc. VAT

MR & MRS Light Up Letters and Numbers

£900.00£1,980.00 Inc. VAT

Explore The Magic Of Light Up Letters And Numbers

Light-up letters are multiuse decorative elements that add a shiny and illuminating touch to any event or occasion setting. Whether you are hosting a party or just want to decorate your room with light-up letters, with eye-catching signage created by rearranging the letters. They have built-in LED lights to make them look shiny and important. You can buy light-up letters online in UK, from our website Elegant Event Essentials.

Showcase Important Of Your Event With Our Light-up Letters

Our light-up letters are here to mark the importance of your event or the message to your guests at the event. Our light-up letter is versatile and customizable to suit your event theme or branding perfectly. We made our light-up letters with good quality metals and plastics with built-in LED lights to showcase your message even in dim light environments or events.

Here are some advantages of our light-up letters:

  • Visibility: Our light-up letters make your message and signage more noticeable and visible at night or in dim light environments to ensure that your intended message gets seen by the audience.
  • Customization: Our light-up letters are available in many colours and sizes, only by pre-request the colour before ordering, and in sizes, we have from 3 ft to 6 ft tall letters.
  • Versatility: Whether you are hosting a wedding party or decorating your home with letters, light-up letters can be used on many different occasions and in a wide range of settings. They bring elegant and illuminating effects to the event.
  • Photography: You can use the light-up letters as a photo background for clicking pictures, which makes them a popular choice for events and occasions.
  • Attention-Grapping: If you are looking to convey a message or signage to a wide range of audiences, you should use light-up letters to convey your message that can be seen by others even at night.
  • Energy Efficiency: We use LED lights in light-up letters that are less energy efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional lighting options and giving your home or event decoration a glowing effect.

To buy light-up letters online in UK, you should visit our website Elegant Event Essentials to find the best one for your home and events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are light-up letters?
Light-up letters are individual characters with shiny and illuminated by built-in LED lights, creating a glowing effect.
How are light-up letters powered?
Light-up letters usually get powered by either batteries or the main electricity supply port. Battery-powered light-up letters are more flexible in placement, while main powered require access to the power source.
Are Light-up letters customizable?

Yes, you can have customizable light-up letters by making a pre-request before ordering it from our website. You can customize it in terms of size, and colours.

Where can we use light-up letters?
You can use light-up letters to convey your message, branding and many others. They mark the importance of your message and make it visible to your audience at night. You can also use it to decorate your home and occasions.