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  1. How to Decorate Wedding Tables?

    Wedding Table Decoration

    How to Decorate Wedding Tables?

    There are many ways to liven up the interior of the venue. Decorators and florists invent new and original solutions using the most popular design styles.

    Expert advice is very helpful when decorating a wedding table with your own hands. It should be kept in mind that being overwhelmed by jewelry can seem vulgar.

    Basic rule: The table must be decorated in the same style. Don't use too many colors.

    Types of flower decorations for wedding tables

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  2. Three tips for a Successful Festive Table Decoration

    Table Decoration

    Three tips for a Successful Festive Table Decoration! 

    Celebration table decoration is presented as art that encourages creativity. However, certain special technical aspects must also be taken into account for perfect results. Here are three tips for successfully decorating your party table:

    Choose a well-defined theme.

    To properly cover the festive table, it is important to choose a theme: nature, opportunities, trends, time, etc. The main thing is to create a  homogeneous atmosphere where the decorations you choose stand out when choosing a table runner. Cutlery, vases, and other decorative elements.

    It is highly recommended to pay attention to the details and

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